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Heaven and Hell  
I’ve been to Heaven, and I’ve been through hell
On this winding road
Where I end up only time will tell
Just relieve me of this load

A turn of fate can alter
Our foothold on the path
To send us sliding ever deeper
Toward the dark abyss of wrath

Still we must remember
To focus on the light
Hope and faith must guide us
Through this dark and dreary night

When the flower wilts and dies
The seeds of life are sown
To brighten the earth a hundred fold
Wherever the wind has blown

Life springs eternal
From the holes and cracks
To renew our hope and bind our faith
When the human spirit lacks

We are but a speck of paint
In the masterpiece of life
A never ending work of art
Strokes of joy and strife

Finding new direction
Our spirits will prevail
To be reborn in new form
To the Promised Land we’ll sail

-- written by Devin Ehlert  
   (Hannah's daddy)

If tomorrow starts without me, and I’m not there to see,
If the sun should rise and find your eyes all filled with tears for me;
I wish so much you wouldn’t cry the way you did today,
While thinking of the many things we didn’t get to say.
I know how much you love me…as much as I love you,
And each time that you think of me, I know you’ll miss me too;
But when tomorrow starts without me, please try to understand,
That an angel came and called my name and took me by the hand,
And said my place was ready in heaven far above,
And that I’d have to leave behind all those I dearly love.
But as I turned to walk away, a tear fell from my eye,
For all my life, I’d always thought, I didn’t want to die.
I had so much to live for, so much left yet to do,
It seemed almost impossible, that I was leaving you.
I thought of all the yesterdays, the good ones and the bad,
I thought of all the love we shared and all the fun we had.
If I could relive yesterday just even for a while,
I’d say good-bye and kiss you, and maybe see you smile.
But then I fully realized that this could never be,
For emptiness and memories would take the place of me.
And when I thought of worldly thing I might miss come tomorrow,
I thought of you, and when I did my heart was filled with sorrow.
But when I walked through heaven’s gates I felt so much at home.
When God looked down and smiled & at me from
His great golden throne,
He said, “This is eternity and all I’ve promised you..
Today your life on earth is past but here life starts anew.
I promise no tomorrow but today will always last,
And since each day’s the same way there’s no longing for the past.
You have been so faithful, so trusting and so true.
Though there were times you did some things you knew you shouldn’t do.
But you have been forgiven and now at last you’re free.
So won’t you come and take my hand and share my life with me? “
So when tomorrow starts without me, don’t think we’re far apart,
For every time you think of me, I’m right here, in your heart.

I had this poem recited for you at your funeral.  I knew that you would like it.
I love you, Hannah.

Help for someone who has lost a child...  

I saw this quote and thought it was so true.  Please read it and think about it.  Remember it when talking to someone who has lost a child:

The mention of my child’s name may bring tears to my eyes -
But it never fails to bring music to my ears.
If you are my friend, please don’t keep me from hearing the beautiful music.
It soothes my broken heart and fills my soul with love.

All That is Good - written for Hannah, by her loving father, Devin Ehlert  
All That is Good
The suns first rays shining through the morning mist. 
A glistening flower where the dew kissed. 
A choir of birds bringing in the new day. 
Chattering squirrels come out to play, 
Dawn till dusk through night’s dark blue 
            All that is good…  
               reminds me of you. 
Into the spring air still crisp and cool. 
Children step out, leaving for school. 
Proud parents wish well and wave to their young, 
Toward a future of promise they eagerly run. 
Dawn till dusk through night’s dark blue  
            All that is good… 
               reminds me of you.
From novels of wisdom, the teachers read, 
In fertile minds, they plant hope's seed, 
Inspiring dreams, opening doors, 
A young child’s imagination soars, 
Dawn till dusk, through night’s dark blue 
            All that is good…
                reminds me of you. 
Returning home from school their parents ask, 
Trying not to let the moment slip past, 
How was your day, what did you learn? 
Letters and numbers, how to wait my turn. 
Dawn till dusk, through night’s dark blue 
            All that is good…
                reminds me of you. 
The children are bathed in afternoon sun, 
When to meet their friends they skip and run.
The streets are filled with squeals and laughter 
They live the moment, not what comes after. 
Dawn till dusk, through night’s dark blue 
            All that is good…
                reminds me of you. 
As daylight dims, skies ablaze with color, 
To one last flower a butterfly flutters, 
Again the birds sing as families reunite, 
On the porch swing searching for the first star's dim light, 
Dawn till dusk, through night’s dark blue, 
            All that is good…
               reminds me of you.
A chill settles in, and all go inside, 
The family to dinner, the squirrels to hide, 
At the table they share, their full day with each other, 
Father to son –  to daughter to mother 
Dawn till dusk, through night’s dark blue, 
            All that is good…
                reminds me of you.
Parents lay the children gently down to sleep, 
Praying the angels their souls to keep. 
The owl and the crickets sing a soft lullaby, 
As the stars now shine brightly and the moon rises high. 
Just a typical day, not extraordinary, it’s true 
            All that is good…

              reminds me of you.

My Child - This is a poem that explains some of what we feel when we lose a child. Hopefully, it will shed light on a bereaved parent's feelings.  

My Child

You don't know how I feel, please don't tell me that you do.
There's just one way to know, have you lost a child too?
"You'll have another baby", must I hear this every day?
Can I get another mother, too, if mine should pass away?
Don't say it was "God's will", for that is not the God I know.
Would God on purpose break my heart, then watch as my tears flow?
"You have an angel now, in heaven, a precious child above."
But, tell me, to whom here on earth shall I give this love?
"Aren't you better yet?" Is that what I heard you say?
No! A part of me has gone, and I will always feel this way.
Perhaps you think your silence will help to ease my pain?
But I want to talk about the child I'll never hold again.
Don't say these things to me, although I know you do mean well.
They do not take my pain away; I must go through this hell.
I will get better sure, yet slow, and it helps to have you near,
But "I'm sorry that you lost a child" is all I have to hear.

Author Unknown

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