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March 3, 1995
Hannah was born in The Woodlands, Texas on March 03, 1995. We were so happy to have our first healthy baby!
March 1995
Daddy and cousin Casey hold Hannah.
March 1995
Here is Hannah in the hospital shortly after her birth.
July 1995
Our happy family -- Hannah's first July 4th.
Halloween 1995
Hannah and Daddy for her first Halloween.
December 1995
Our happy family for Hannah's first Christmas. She was our pride and joy!!
December 1995
Uncle Jay and Hannah at Christmas.
March 1996
Hannah's first birthday. Mommy has Hannah's little brother, Austin, on the way.
April 1996
Hannah shortly after her first birthday.
Not sure
Hannah always had a smile on her face. Many people called her "Happy Hannah". We loved this about her. She always kept us smiling, too.
Hannah at Easter.
Passed away on March 23, 2002. She had turned seven only two weeks before... Hannah was killed by a drunk driver. PLEASE DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.
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